Melbourne Travel Guide

Do you dream of visiting Australia?

What better place to start than Victoria? Friendly people, amazing destinations and an amazing coffee culture!

I have to say, Melbourne is my favourite Australian City. ,I think my love for coffee really blossomed here. Melbourne has taken all the best bits of the European coffee culture and lined its laneways with delightful cafés.

Melbourne isn’t just for coffee addicts though, foodies will love the Italian and Greek Quarters and, of course, it’s authentic Chinatown.

It really is a special city. It’s actually a city I can imagine myself living in ( and I’m not a city gal!).

Make sure you check out Flinders Street Station and its striking architecture. You will find Federation Square just across the road. There is always something happening in the square, whether it be a market or live music, there is never a boring day in Melbourne!

Whilst you’re at Flinders Street, head toward the Yarra River on the same side as the station and take the steps down to the bank. Continue straight and you will come to our favourite restaurant/bar in Melbs, the Arbory! Oh my, their cheese burger may not sound like much but wait til you try it! Enjoy music, sunshine and drinks, from the banks of the Yarra, in this open air restaurant!

You can get the free tram around the CBD (Central Business District) and this will take you on a circular tour of the city in an old fashioned tram.

There are always free events around the city so be sure to check out what’s on ahead of your visit (you don’t want to miss out!).

During the winter months, head down the the docklands on a Friday night (yes every friday) for a spectacular free firework display courtesy of the city of Melbourne!

Bourke Street Mall is a fab place to get your shop on! Treat yourself to some new clothes for your backpack or purchase some new reading material for your next journey!

The Eureka Skydeck is also another great place to visit, if you aren’t scared of heights? Take the super fast lift to the top and be greeted by panoramic views of Melbourne and the Peninsula. If you are feeling extra adventurous take a step out onto “The Edge” and don’t forget to look down!


The Shrine of Remembrance is a short walk from the city centre or a speedy tram ride and should definitely be on your to do list. The shrine was built in memory of the fallen during the war. You can book onto a tour or wander around on your own, either way you will be amazed with the history and the stories behind the creation of the shrine. Head there at 5pm for the lowering of the flag and a moments silence, the atmosphere will leave you with goosebumps.

There is also a pretty good view of the city from the top!

Whilst you’re in the city head to Fitzroy Gardens and take a wander around Cook’s Cottage. This beautiful cottage was originally built in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire in 1755, by the parents of the famous navigator Captain James Cook, and was moved to Melbourne in 1934 after it was purchased it for £800. It was deconstructed, brought to Australia and re-built. This little cottage contains an abundance of history.


We found that it was always best to stay just outside of the city and grab a train or tram into the CBD. Our favourite place to stay was the Hotel Claremont Guesthouse in South Yarra.

Here you can grab a twin room with bunk beds, super clean shared bathrooms and an amazing free breakfast for approx $42 per person. We stayed here almost every time we were in the city! The train station is just a two minute walk from the guesthouse.

Check out for more info…


You can totally rely on the amazing trams and trains to get around Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Grab yourself a “Myki” card and just top it up with some $$ to get going.

You can get these cards at train stations around the city and in some 7/11’s. There is a small charge for the card but once you have one it’s yours. 10 bucks will get you around Melbourne for the day for sure! You can also buy one day unlimited travel cards.

If you’re arriving from the airport, head out to arrivals and hop on the Skybus for a 30 minute ride to the CBD for just under $20 one way – there’s free wifi onboard so you can let the fam know you’ve arrived safely! The bus will drop you at Southern Cross Station and from here you can access trams, buses and rural train lines.

I’ll be covering more of the epic sights this state has to offer in a later travel guide so keep a look out!

As ever, if any questions arise from this article, please get in touch and I’d be happy to have a chat with you!

Happy (virtual) travels everyone!

Love travel and coffee

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