The Australian Easter Hunt

As it’s Easter, I thought I’d share with you my most memorable Easter ever.

Let me set the scene a little bit…

… I was Au Pairing on a farm in rural Victoria, Australia, for the family who would later become our very own adopted Aussie family.

The farm was approximately 22,000 acres. Lets say that the farm was split into 4 sections, on 3 of those sections there were 3 large homesteads. In each lived one of three brothers, who owned the farm, with their wives and children.

I moved around each homestead helping out with the children and the housekeeping. I also helped out on the farm and joined Alex, my partner, in splitting wood ready for winter, feeding out to the livestock and general farm duties including driving the tractors!

Alex worked on the farm full time and we were lucky enough to have our very own little cottage to live in. The cottage was nicknamed “Paris”. We were incredibly happy here. We knew we were exactly where we were supposed to be. We had a glimpse into another life which was completely foreign to our own.

We were employed by one of the families in particular, to help the mother in the day to day running of the family home.

She’d not long given birth to a beautiful baby girl, had two older inquisitive boys and a big farmhouse to run whilst her husband was out on the farm. I spent the majority of my time with this family and our cottage was situated not to far from the main farmhouse.

Every morning I’d walk into the farmhouse and my senses would be filled with the most delicious smells. There would always be a cake in the oven in readiness for morning tea.

I’d drop my bag by the door and make my way through the long hallways, following the sounds of children’s laughter.

I’d often find all three children buried deep in the Lego table, their imaginations running wild with endless possibilities. I’d sit with them, helping them to build and making sure the baby girl didn’t try to eat any of the tiny pieces.

Sometimes I’d find the children sitting by the fire, in their pajamas, reading their books or magazines. Their clothes neatly laid out next to them ready for the day.

I’d always be greeted with beautiful smiles and happy faces.

I had no idea how we’d gotten so lucky to find this wonderful place.

It was 2016, we’d only been working at the farm for a month or so by Easter. I remember helping prepare for a day of guests and excitement!

There was a freshly baked cake sitting on the kitchen bench ready for morning coffee’s with the farmers. Alex loved coming in for his little break and a piece of the mother’s delicious freshly baked cake.

By lunch time, we were all ready for the guests to arrive. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins slowly began to arrive and we all headed outside to the deck in readiness for the traditional Easter hunt!

The children began running around the grounds in search of delicious chocolatey goodness.

There was a substantial area to cover, from the large fenced of garden to the vast wooded area to the front of the farmhouse.

Sounds of joy filled the farm as the children began to build their pile of chocolate eggs and bunnies.

Once they’d finished searching, the pile of eggs was bigger than the children themselves. Blue, red, green and golden eggs laid on the deck.

The treasure pile was divided between the children and off they went with smiling faces, content and happy.

The magic of Easter shared between us all.

Thank you for reading everybody.

Happy Easter to you and your family. I hope that, wherever you are in the world right now, you are safe and happy. Lets keep the magic alive in this time of darkness.

Lots of love,

Love Travel and Coffee

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